¿Why Us?

“Adara” meaning “beauty” is of Arabic origin. Etymologically it’s related to the description of purity. It wasn’t a randomly chosen name. Our philosophy is to enhance your natural beauty. Beauty from the inside out!

Our Story and Founder

She is Marion Becerra, the founder. She is a graduate from Christine Valmy School New York and Margota Christine Valmy Colombia; entrepreneur, mom and wife.

For over 14 years, she has been in the skincare business and cosmiatry, the science that studies the treatment and prevention of aesthetic problems in the skin, in a responsible and medical way.

About 7 years ago, she started her own business from her two-bedroom apartment. Thanks to Marion’s persistency and hard work, Adara Skin Care Corp. was founded in August 2018. Although the journey hasn’t been easy; for Adara the story is just beginning…

“Cuando me preguntan qué hacemos en Adara, no se me ocurre otra frase más que: ‘Hacemos caritas felices’” – Marion Becerra.

How We Do It?

We make Happy Faces in 1, 2, 3:

1. Deep Cleansing Facial

The first step in your skincare journey with us is one of our Deep Cleansing Facials. We eliminate all the impurities to do an accurate skin diagnosis. 

2. Solutions for All Skin Types

Based on an accurate skin diagnosis, we create a tailored plan to improve your skin concerns and needs with our exclusive protocols and effective results, that progressively will improve the condition of your skin.

3. Home-Care Routine

We educate you about your skin needs and guide you on how to take care of them. With our botanical products, we create your skincare routine and we adapt it when necessary.

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