Acne Fighting Kit


One of our best selling kits for acne affected skin. Reduces the appearance of papules, decreases inflammation and fat secretion, while providing hydration and preventing future injuries such as uneven spots and scars.

Citrus Liquid Cleanser

Removes make-up, impurities and oil excess, thanks to the unique combination of lactic acid and honey extracts. It gives adequate hydration, tones and promotes skin regeneration. Presentation: Gel Size: 6.7 fl Oz / 200 ml

Herbal Mix Toner

Alcohol free toner with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. It helps lighten and balance your skin. Thanks to the organic salicylic acid, it kills bacteria, controls oiliness and increases cell renovation without irritating the skin. Presentation: Spray Size: 8 fl Oz / 236 ml

New Skin Glycolic Gel

Glycolic acid in gel, which is easily absorbed by skin, helps control the oiliness and eliminates the bacteria often caused by acne. It acts like a natural exfoliant that removes dead cells, minimizes expression lines, scars and skin discoloration. Recommended also for sensitive and rosacea skin since it controls inflammation and rashes. Presentation: Gel Size: 1.7 fl Oz / 50 ml

Flawless Skin Moisturizer

Thanks to its citric ingredients, this light-weight cream stabilizes and controls oiliness and acne. The antioxidants and botanical properties strengthen your skin. Presentation: Light cream Size: 1.7 Oz / 48 g

Anti Blemishes

Antiseptic lotion that quickly promotes healing. Helps restore the skin to a smoother texture while calming irritation. Dries and clears blemishes while you sleep. Presentation: Drying lotion Size: 1 fl Oz / 29 ml
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